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A Day in NYC

April always seems to go by SO fast. It’s that point in the semester where classes are coming to an end which is great, but also quite hectic with various final projects/papers/presentations (the three dreaded P’s!). And the worst part is they all happen to be due within the same two-week period. It’s a madhouse. But, this also made me appreciate this past weekend so much.

See, Mason requires art students to attend five “Artsbus” trips before you graduate. The intention of these visits is for us to get a new perspective by seeing up and coming artists, as well as more historical art. I really love having this opportunity because it forces me to see artwork that is often very different from my own and in turn, broadens my horizons. My previous two trips were filled with galleries and museums all day long which was really interesting, but also extremely exhausting. So, this time my friends and I decided to take a break from the art scene (that has been dominating our lives lately) and the chaotic city to relax in central park! We left this:

For this:

We walked EVERYWHERE. No taxi, no subway, just pure foot travel. And even though this made my feet ache and my legs cramp, you wouldn’t be able to tell from my untiring smile. If you are familiar with the city we walked from the southern neighborhood of Chelsea and went to Central Park and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, I was just so glad to be accompanied by lovely friends and be in such an iconic city on a GORGEOUS day.

While I love photography with all of my heart, I also believe in living life and truly experiencing every moment. There were only a few times where I was looking through my camera lens and preferred to see things without a filter. It was such a great break from school and the everyday scenery. So, moral of the story is open your eyes and appreciate the world around you. Take it ALL in.

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