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Event Planning-things that will help you stay organized

To all of our brides out there, planing a wedding can be a stressful time.  There are simple tools that can become your best friend.

Create a to-list with questions.  Things you should ask when you are at certain vendors and things you may need to do.  For example: Reception Site-Is there a separate bridal suite? Does the bridal suite have its own bathroom? Are there only certain vendors allowed? To do-Layout of the reception with table numbers, table center pieces, chair decorations, wall decorations, open bar, lighting, etc.

Create a schedule of events for the entire day including when vendors will be arriving, when you will be taking certain photographs, etc.  Make sure to sit down with your wedding ceremony coordinator, your photographers, your DJ, your caterer, and reception coordinator and get their input on the timeline.  Also remember to put in cushion time for you to relax, time for photographs (typically 30-60 minutes) and if your wedding and reception are in two different locations add travel time too.  Most people don’t consult their photographer and think well 60 minutes is a good time between when the ceremony ends and when the entrances are for the reception.  This is so not true.  Its going to take 15-30 minutes for family pictures inside the church, then another 15-20 minutes to drive to the reception and then another 20-30 minutes for bridal party and couple portraits.  This doesn’t even leave time for people to exit the church before photographs begin. Once you have a completed schedule of events and have talked with all of the parties involved make sure your vendors have a copy of your timeline so they know what is going on and at what time.  This will also help you plan other aspects of your wedding.

Create a vendor list with the company name, person of contact, contact information, etc.  Keep track of this through the wedding planning process so that if you have any questions all of their information is all together.

For PhotoPlanning Services clients we provide each of them with these tools to help better keep organized when planning your wedding.


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