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Fit and Fab Friday: Meet Sam and try Sam’s Backyard Boot Camp

Today Sam will be on the blog with a Backyard Boot Camp workout.  Sam is a personal trainer at the Woodbridge, VA Sport and Health and has her own blog called Foodie Newbie where she posts fun workouts and amazing healthy recipes.  You can check out her blog HERE!

Sam’s Backyard Boot Camp

As the weather gets nicer, all I want to do is be outside. For me, its all about running, and biking outside and maybe even a little TRX. However, I know everyone isn’t a runner or a biker, so I figured I would write a little strength and cardio workout that can be done inside on the rainy days and outside when its sunny and beautiful.  Enjoy! And don’t forget some free weights.  Set 1: A Tabata: This is a 4-Minute Cardio Interval. Repeat this cycle 8 times, using 20 seconds of work, and 10 seconds active recovery.  20 seconds: Tuck Jumps 10 Seconds: Push Ups Repeat this cycle 8 times for a total of four minutes.  Strength Set 1: 2-3x, 12-15 reps Body Weight Squats: Feel free to add some weight Walking Lunges: Perform 10 in one direction, and then 10 back.  In/Out Bicep Curls: Curl Up to the front, and then a curl to the side Tabata 2: Same idea, 20 sec work, 10 sec active rest. Repeat 8x.  20 sec: Running In Place with High Knees 10 sec: Plie Squats (Feet turned out, bending knees) Strength Set 2: 2-3x, 12-15 reps Bent Over Lat Row: Bent over at 90 degrees, with arms at side, pull one arm up at time, like pulling up a heavy bucket while bent over.  Sumo Squat to Shoulder Press: Squat, as you come out of the squat, lift one leg, and perform a shoulder press while balancing.  Front Raise and Side Raise: With free weights, raise arms straight out to the front, and then straight out to the side.  Core Set: Repeat 3, 30 seconds each In/Outs: Sitting on butt, (Boat Pose), with arms behind or up in air at sides, lean back, and take legs out and back in.  Spiderman Planks: In High Plank, Bring one leg up to your elbow, opening you hip out to the side. Replace back down and lift other leg. Flutter Kicks: Lying on back, raise legs up about 6-10 inches of the ground, and perform small kicks up and down. Lower at the end of 30 seconds.  So, go out there, and get it done. Happy Workout!

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