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Introducing PhotoPlanning Services New Blog

The PhotoPlanning Services Team has been hard at work the last couple of months to bring you different series and a new organization.  From now on the blog will be structured a little differently.

Monday will be when the PhotoPlanning Services team is on the blog.  Each week will be a different team member.

Tographer Tuesday will consist of informational posts evolving around photography, videography, the industry, what we do, and what we have learned.

Wedding Wednesday will go in depth on how to plan a wedding and give you tips and tricks along the way.

Thursday Reveal will be the day we premiere shoots that took place over the week and weekend.

Fit and Fab Friday will consist of fitness tips, healthy recipes, amazing cosmetics, inspiration, and so much more to make you even more amazing.

This week on the blog will be a look forward of posts to expect in the next coming weeks.  

I hope you enjoy the PhotoPlanning Services new blog!

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