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Photographic Style

Every wedding photographer will say they are a photojournalistic photographer.  You might be thinking what’s the difference and what are the other options?  Well, there are three different types of photography styles out there, portrait, photojournalism, and photojournalistic style.

The portrait style is when the photographer poses people a certain way.  Many times they use a studio when taking their photographs.  Many modern photographers will go to different locations and do this to but the people in the photographs are still posed.

Photojournalism is when nothing is posed.  You capture the moment as everything is moving around you.  This style makes people look very natural and modern.

Last but not least there is photojournalistic style.  This is the style you want in a wedding photographer.  They will pose you in a modern style, they will be everywhere capturing those quick moments moving all around.  This style is basically a combination of both.  For some photographs this style also makes the photograph seem as if it is a candid moment but in fact it was really posed.

It’s best to know what type of photographers you may have at your wedding capturing those once in a lifetime moments.

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