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PPS Friday: The Furlough

For those that know me you then probably know I also work full time for the government. On normal days I go to work, work hard, and love my job. I then do this in my free time since photography is a huge passion of mine (has been since I was three). Like most people in the government though I have been furloughed and don't know when I will get paid next. As I write this I am still completely is shock that this has gone on for this long. When it started before Christmas I thought to myself well it might be long but its over a wall so I thought I would be back at work before 2019 even rolled around. That obviously was not the case. Every day I turn on or read the news of people that are suffering because they can't pay their mortgages or bills, they can't feed their families, they can't put gas in their cars but then I hear about all of these companies standing up to help us with food, gas, and even a free movie. There are those that try to help when thousands are suffering at the hand of a dysfunctional government (I don't want to get political here).

When I started working for the government I was intrigued by the mission and knew that because the work the organization did I was going to really like the work that I did. It's because of the mission and supporting that mission that I started working for the government in the first place. Now fast forward almost 10 years and while I am at a different agency now I still chose my current position over others because of the mission that it does. Myself like all others chose to work and support different missions and serve this country. Now we are being failed by that decision and by the very government we worked hard every day to support. Many people are still forced to get up every day and spend money on transportation, day care, etc. and go to work without getting paid to do so and forced to spend money they don't have or be reported as AWOL. TSA agents still have to screen travelers, DEA agents still have to fight crime while literally being being in the line of fire, and many others still have to work even though the government is shutdown. It really is a crazy time that we live in.

Personally, not knowing when I will get paid next is nerve reckoning as I like most Americans have bills to pay. It really is weird to wake up and to not go to work day after day. Even though I am off though I really can't go out and do anything either because that one dollar may be needed for bills or other more important things. I even went through my belongings and started to sell items I no longer needed on let go, postmark, and eBay and have actually made enough to pay a couple of bills. YAY! On the plus side, I have had lots of time to really work on this business and update many things that needed to be updated for a while like the blog, website, and lots of other stuff. I also have had the wonderful opportunity to spend lots of time with my wonderful older pup who is going to hate me when I do go back to work. I have also had the great opportunity to spend more time with my twin two year old nephews who as they get older seem to consistently keep you on your toes. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the little things they do like Tristan's new thing of standing in the dogs water bowl (which of course leads to cleaning a big mess) or Christian constantly setting the Roomba off to vacuum. It's these things that make the furlough and the worrying less nerve reckoning.

So for all of those out there that are Furloughed I wish you the best during this hard time. Federal Employees are known for giving to those in need and now the roles have reversed and we are the ones in need. If you are a member of congress of part of the Presidents staff and are seeing this please voice your opinions or work to fix this. Every day the shutdown goes on more money is being wasted, more people go without food or a roof over their heads, businesses start to close their doors, and crime goes up (people will find food every way they can).

Just my take on this lovely record breaking shutdown.

Happy Friday everyone!

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