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The Whole Package

As I continue to build the suspense for the Day At The Farm shoot, today I will be talking about how exactly one receives the copy of photographs. This time of the year is our “off” season and gives us time to start preparing for the next year by honing in on how we can improve with different things such as pricing, equipment and packaging.  We have always used CD’s as a way to transfer digital files but there is also a lot of buzz about USB drives. Some prefer CD’s because it allows for easier personalization such as writing and putting an image onto the CD itself, it is easier to find and cheaper as well. On the other hand, USB’s are much more universal and have more storage space. And this is definitely something we are keeping in mind as we look to perfect our packaging. Even though simply handing someone a CD/USB gets the job done, it doesn’t feel special or unique. This is something I look forward to enhancing and even tried a little mock up just a couple weeks ago based on this tutorial:

Luckily my Mom is a scrapbook/craft master and has tons of decorative paper which I used to make it more attractive and then finished off with some decorative designs, personalized with the name of the client.  So while me and the girls of PPS look into this matter more, here are some other aesthetically pleasing packaging designs to enjoy 🙂 

In summary, packaging is the icing on the cake when it comes to receiving any product. Our goal is not to simply provide photographs but give you an experience. We truly value each and every customer and want them to feel that appreciation, after all it’s the little things that mean the most. ~Kim

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