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Time To Be Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Today I look forward to spending the day with family and close friends, catching up and watching football (Go Skins!).  In the spirit of the holiday, let’s all take a minute to stop worrying and appreciate the good things in our life. I am thankful for SO much, especially the fact that I already have my dream job as a wedding photographer 🙂 It is such a joy to capture once-in-a-lifetime and treasured moments, but it is much more than just getting a great shot — it is also experiencing such a happy time filled with love. I am so thankful to consider my passion “work” and be able to share it with such great people. So I want to give a big shout out to all of our clients, and the girls of PhotoPlanning Services: Thank you for all the support and have a wonderful day and holiday season! ~Kim

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