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Tographer Tuesday: Breaking into Mirrorless Part 2

Today is all about lens! We recently made the switch to mirrorless with Canon’s R5 and while they have a great adapter to use your old lens the RF lens are incredible! So far we have 2 of them the new 28-70 f/2.0 and the new 100 macro. Both are amazing lens. The 28-70 is different from the past 24-70 f/2.8 in that it lets more light in, is faster, sharper and works better with the R5. I highly recommend this lens if you are looking to invest in an incredibly versatile lens. Just note that this lens is hard to get right now. Lastly, the 100 macro. This is a lens I actually didn’t have before. I had a 50 macro lens and it worked great and the shots I was taking with it were very limited so I had a hard time with taking on the cost of the 100 macro. Well now we have the 100 macro and it’s an amazing lens that can go beyond just macro shots. I hope those out there thinking about jumping into the new RF lens save up and take the plunge!

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