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Tographer Tuesday: Lighting Series-OCF

Todays Tographer Tuesday is all about Off Camera Flash or OCF! Off Camera Flash can be used in many different scenarios but will ultimately improve the overall photograph. Th first use for OCF is during dark times for example Receptions.  For this we set up a speedlite on a stand typically near the DJ and shoot towards it to make a flash appear behind those we are shooting or sometimes I put it to one side of the dance floor and point my on camera flash to another the other side and use it to fill in the light in a dark room.  Below are some examples to better see what this does.

The second use is for delayed shots like those that use sparklers.  For these we set up a camera on a tripod to a long shutter release and then run around the couple with sparklers.  We then take the flash and manually flash the couple so they are illuminated in the photograph. 

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