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Well its been a while since I have posed on here.  Life has been crazy busy. Most of you know that I do have a full time job which for a while was taking up a lot of my time in the evenings.  My commute to work was also 2 hours each way and thus I was left with no time to do anything else. Then in October of 2016 I became an aunt to two awesome twin Nephews which meant my time became even less.   In the last year I switched jobs to have a better commute but in my free time I have only been editing and shooting weddings but not blogging them or posting them.  My clients are my first priority and marketing comes second.   So what does that mean…it means today lots of photos are going up online!  Below are a couple but many more are on the facebook page.  Feel free to head on over to to check them out.  Also feel free to like the page too!

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