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A little down time and lots of projects

Like most wedding photographers the months of January to April are months of downtime.  Well, downtime with regards that we are not shooting as much events during these months. What it does mean is that we start a ton of projects during these months both personally and for PhotoPlanning Services.

For PhotoPlanning Services we just finished all of the updates we needed to accomplish for our many websites.  There are still minor tweaks here and there that will be made along the way, but the overall design is done.  We also are working on finances and taxes to make sure everything is done correctly and organizing our back up system. Lastly, we are also collecting wine bottles and corks for Meghan and Marks vineyard wedding that we are helping to plan and will be photographing as well in April.  So if you have any empty wine bottles and corks please save them and I will be happy to come pick them up. Also, we just ordered the canvas for the winners of the canvas contest Mazahir and Wajihah!  They picked an excellent image!

For myself I have started a new way of living I like to think.  I started going to the gym which feels great! Started to eat much healthier and have accomplished some of my forever things that just keep getting pushed back on the to-do list.  I purchased a new book case and put it together and have been going through everything I own to get things organized and to donate items I don’t need.  I also made a big change in that I decided to quit Target.  For those of you who don’t know I have worked at Target for 7 1/2 years (since I was 18).  It was my first real job and I started in the photo lab.  I soon later found myself in the cash office crunching numbers and managing employees. When I started college I was a specialized fine arts photography major and if I didn’t work at Target I would have never started at George Mason my junior year as an accounting major. Majoring in Business changed my life because I met so many amazing people in Delta Sigma Pi and I learned so much about how to run and start my own business which comes in handy for PhotoPlanning Services.  Anyways, now that I work full-time for the government and PhotoPlanning Services there just was not enough time for Target too.  So I closed that chapter of my life to focus more of my efforts on PhotoPlanning Services.

Happy Wednesday (Hump Day) Everyone!

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