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About Me – Neda

Hello friends!

GMU Photoshoot with friends

My name is Neda and I’m the latest member of the PPS team, recent (okay, maybe not-so-recent anymore) graduate from George Mason University with a degree in business/hospitality, as well as an enthusiast for all things “creative” — art, music, entertainment, literature, video games… you name it!

I specialize in events management and planning but have always had a love for photography. Since freshman year of college my friends and I have enjoyed our little photo-sessions and I’m excited to have the same type of fun on a more professional level!

In my free-time you’ll find me hunting through yard sales, exploring farmers markets, making a mess in the kitchen, sipping local wines or becoming even more addicted to my favorite shows.

I also consider myself a travel-opportunist — meaning — whenever a travel opportunity comes along I try and grab it! In the last two years I’ve road-tripped from D.C. to Seattle; flew around the world to Bali, Indonesia, and had some fun-in-the-sun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Why those places, you ask? Because the opportunity presented itself! …who am I to say ‘no’?

Rice fields in Bali, Indonesia

Hope you enjoyed the quick snippet of ME! I look forward to sharing more of my passions with you in future blog posts! ~Neda

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