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Brandon and Jessica are Married!

This past Saturday my good friends Brandon and Jessica tied the knot in Manassas, VA.

I met Brandon and Jessica back in 2007 when I pledged with Brandon for the Mu Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi.  Jessica however at the time was already a brother in the chapter.  Once the Alpha Eta pledge class was initiated it seemed like right away Brandon and Jessica had this love for each other that could be seen a mile away.  In October of 2010 Brandon asked Jessica to marry him.  Then on May 5th 2012 (Cinco De Mayo) the two walked down the aisle, said their vows, and became Mr. and Mrs. Perdue.

I wish them the best as they continue on to the next chapter in their lives!

CONGRATULATIONS Brandon and Jessica!  I hope you have a great time during your honeymoon! Love you both!

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