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Cakes and Icing

Today’s post is about cakes and what all of those different terms mean.  Every bride and groom wants a cake that they are going to love and their guests are going to love. So here are what all of those terms you will hear over the next several months mean.

First lets start with the icing on the cake.  You are going to hear “which icing do you prefer fondant or butter cream?”  You might be wondering what the difference is when you hear this question. Well the difference is really simple if you want a very smooth look to your cake choose fondant.  However, fondant does not taste nearly as good as butter cream. For many places you have to choose taste over beauty.  When getting asked that lovely question see if they will cover the cake in a little extra butter cream before placing the fondant on the cake.  Also, don’t forget price fondant is going to run more expensive then the butter cream.  In the end it’s all about what you as a couple like.

As to cake, there are so many flavors out there for you to try it is amazing! The best thing to do is go to many different places and taste test cake. If you and your significant other narrow it down to a couple of different flavors then don’t forget that you can see if that cake place will use a different flavor for each layer.  You don’t have to have just one cake flavor.  Just keep in mind that the top piece should be the flavor you both love because that top piece is for the both of you.

Now that you know a little about cakes, how do you save money while still having a good cake?  The answer is simple.  You can buy a smaller tiered cake for you and your significant other to cut during your ceremony.  When that cake goes in back to be cut and served to your guests you have sheet cakes already in back to be served.  Sheet cakes are much cheaper and you can get butter cream on them as well.  You save money, your guest don’t know, and the taste is still the same.  This especially works when you have lots of guests that will be attending.  Most cake places will make a sheet cake of the exact cake flavor(s) you like.

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