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Counting Down

So many big important things coming up for me personally as well as for all of us at PhotoPlanning Services. Only 4 more days until I leave for Italy, and 74 days until I am officially a graduate!  Between those big days for me, we have the wedding of Mark and Meghan, just 32 days away! We’ve been helping them with the event planning since the summer and it has been such a joy to work with them and see everything come together. They know what they want, have great ideas and aren’t afraid to have fun. Our meetings are always filled with lots of laughter and they are truly a great couple. Working with/getting to know wonderful couples is just another reason I love being a wedding photographer 🙂 There is much to do before each of these big days so I will leave you with some snapshots I took in NYC a couple weeks ago! Unfortunately it was cold and rainy all day but we still made the most of it, shopping around and even worked on some class projects. 

Trying to stay warm in Starbucks and loved the view!

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I will be unable to post next week being overseas and whatnot, but will bring back plenty of photos from Italy to make up for it 🙂


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