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Editing vs. Retouching

Many of you might be thinking that this is the same thing.  Well it’s actually not.  Those that say they will retouch your photograph mean they will cover up marks on your face and remove things of that nature.

You might be thinking then what is editing? Editing is when you change the image.  Say you take this absolutely gorgeous photograph the only issue is that there is an airplane in the sky which takes away from the beauty of the photograph.  Editing will remove that airplane and possibly put in some big clouds to make the sky stand out.

Now why is it important to know the difference?  It’s important because when you are shopping for a photographer you need to know the lingo and what they mean when they say retouch, edit, or retouch and edit.  You also want a photographer that truly knows the difference between the two.

As you shop keep a look out for photographers that offer both services.  You might be thinking “well I don’t want my images changed and photoshopped.” Most people actually don’t want their images photoshopped to the extreme.  I know I wouldn’t either. I do though want the picture taken from above at my ceremony to not have the photographer shooting below in it or power lines and/or airplanes in the sky in my beautiful wedding portrait.  Those things are okay to be photoshopped out.

Now that you know a little about photography make sure you ask questions when shopping around for photographers.  This may be the difference between having a blemish retouched but still having a ugly light pole in your photograph.

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