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Engagement Shoot Preparations and Props

So you are getting married and you want these amazing engagement photographs.  You have seen some online that use props which you love and want to do the same.  Well here is some tips and tricks to create some props or some props you can use that you might not think about.  Also, make sure to talk with your photographer.  They may actually already have some of the props for you to use or they may be able to create them for you.

Engagement Shoot Props: Paper flags-these little things can be used and are easy to make.  All you need is string, paper (card stock works best) and paint.  You can put save the date, your date, or a saving. Chalkboard-You can write a bunch of different things on a chalk board. Chalk-This can be used to write on sidewalks, street, and many other places. Frames-you can look through a frame and surprisingly it makes a great and cute photograph. Sports object-you can write save the date on 3 baseballs and hold them close to the camera, or your wedding date on a football.  Just image the endless possibilities! Something close to you-is there an object that really represents you as a couple.  If there is and you can write on it bring it to your engagement photographs.  You never know how great it may look in your photographs

Ring Shot Props: Flowers-the most common prop used for ring shots.  You can use roses, daisies, any type of flower that means something to you. Candy-is there a type of candy you and your significant other love?  If there is that makes a good prop for a ring shot and you get to eat the candy after Random objects-Small things work best but say you met at school; you can have a ring shot taken in the middle of a bunch of pencils.  Say you both love the outdoors then it can be taken outside in grass, etc.  There are tons of ring shots that can be taken.

So to those that are having their engagement photographs taken soon I hope this post gets you thinking about what you can use during your engagement shoot.

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