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Engagements, Weddings, Oh-My!

As a bride-to-be you are coming into the crazy months.  Either you are preparing for an engagement shoot or you are looking for a photographer/videographer that will best capture the style of you and your significant other.  These are hard decisions.

I recommend that you truly look at several photographers/videographers before selecting.  Look at tons of different photographs and get a picture of what types of pictures you want taken.  Then talk with your photographer/videographer.  Ask questions about their style and don’t be afraid to come with photographs that you love and want for your engagement or wedding photographs.

Tell the photographer/videographer about yourself and significant other, where you met, where the big question was asked, etc.  This gives the photographer information about you and let’s them better capture those memories.

Lastly, to the brides make sure you get your groom involved in the selection.  Let them look at photographs as well so they know what to expect at the shoot.

Even though this time is stressful it’s the beginning of something amazing!

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