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In the spirit of Mother’s Day (yes it is THIS Sunday!!) I want to officially thank my mom for everything she has done for me (but I’ll spare you that long list) and also her mom.

Now before I go on, let me just say that she is no ordinary grandma.

No, this woman drives faster than anyone else in our family, stays up later than my parents, is extremely social and does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. I admire her for SO many different reasons. I mean she is emotionally and psychologically the strongest person I have ever known. She was very poor growing up in New Orleans, so she truly appreciates everything she has. She’s also been diagnosed with cancer multiple times, gone through chemotherapy, and just sees it as another chore to cross off her to do list. I’m telling you nothing can bring this woman down, she is a force of nature. She can find humor in just about everything and has no problem telling you what she thinks.

Simply put, she means the world to me. (It also doesn’t hurt that she spoils me a lot considering I’m her only close granddaughter 🙂

So happy early Mother’s Day to all of those who have raised children and spoiled their grandchildren!

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