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Going Abroad!

Ever since I started taking Latin in 8th grade, I’ve been absolutely fascinated by Italy. And when I got to college, I was required to take many art history courses that concentrate on art in Italy, which only intensified my attraction to this foreign land. After hearing all the great stories from many of my friends who have gone to France, Germany, Austria, England, Italy etc I have been eagerly awaiting my chance to visit another country. So, I have finally decided that now it is finally my turn to go. I’ve been weary about going away because I didn’t want to prolong getting my degree or spend all of my savings, but this is something I’ve been yearning to do for so many years and I will not put off any longer.

So, a couple months ago I got an email from GMU informing me that I had in fact not gone abroad (as if I wasn’t aware of this already) and sent me information on different trips that were going on this school year. Turns out there is an art history based tour of Italy over spring break. Could it be more perfect? I think not! 

So after discussing it with my parents, I signed up and went over to the post office to get my first ever passport which came in the mail just last week. 

I cannot wait to experience and capture images of the Palermo Cathedral, Roman Amphitheater and a hike up Mount Etna just to name a few 🙂


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