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How To Look Great in Candids

Today I am here to offer some tips for the subjects in wedding photography. Whether you’re a guest, a family member, part of the bridal party, or even the Bride herself there are three easy tips to looking great in candids. 1. Don’t look at the camera Unless it is a posed picture you should be engaged in what you are doing. Chatting with someone, or lost in thought just keep doing your thing! This way I can capture the true atmosphere of the day. 2. Don’t be shy Similar to the first tip, but some people get tense when they notice my presence. Instead just try and pretend like me and my big camera aren’t there. Ignore the photographer and stay relaxed. Also it will help if you can try and hold a genuine smile. 3. Be Photo Ready It is very likely that the make up will need retouching or your hair might need to be brushed out of your face, just try and be aware (but not paranoid!) of easily fixable flaws that distract from that lovely face. Here are some examples of these tips in action from our latest wedding: 


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