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This week I have just been overwhelmed by all the great things in my life. I have all that I need and more and feel so, so lucky! After putting much effort into all my different endeavors, I have been getting a great amount of positive feedback from professors, fellow students, friends, family and even people I have never met and it makes me feel so honored. I am the type to pour myself into my work and there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that others appreciate what I do. I’m proud of my recent projects and hope you enjoy them as well!

The guidelines for my Digital Photo Techniques assignment asked us to simply explore a space. I chose the on campus library and became fascinated with the quiet stillness inside juxtaposed with the loud chaos of the construction going on right outside the building. Here are my final six images:

Professors in the School of Art are asked to hang up work that is in the highest percentage of the class. Out of about 16 other talented students, I was one of three that were chosen to be displayed in the hall 🙂 And remember a few weeks back when I was talking about how excited I was for my second studio class?? Well I have not been disappointed, I am being pushed to new levels and am very pleased with the work so far. I’ve wanted to do a mystical, enchanting work like this for a while now and finally got around to doing it for class. 

A behind the scenes shot thanks to Lillia!

With the help of my friends in the class Arthur, Lillia and my model Amanda we captured these shots as it was starting to rain! This shoot would not have been possible without them and I cannot thank them enough.

As you can tell, I love many different forms and styles of photography. I am totally open to new things so don’t hesitate to tell us specifically what you want! ~Kim

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