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Marketing Your New Business

As promised my blog this week will be talking about how to start marketing your business and getting your name out there.  Just to warn you all this is another text heavy blog post but it has lots of great information for all of you.

Word of Mouth: This is key to starting a business.  Word of mouth can either make or break your business. First you have to get your name out there either through friends or family to start building a word of mouth.  Our first company client Reza and Noor have been amazing to refer us to many of their friends getting married and we cannot thank them enough for doing so.

Facebook: Facebook is the best tool for marketing.  Once you start your business create a facebook page and start inviting your friends to like it.  This starts word of mouth and it is a free service.

Twitter: Twitter like Facebook is another free service where you can create an account and people interested in your business can see updates about the newest things related to your business.  The downside is that these are representations of the beat of your business meaning if you post on Twitter once very 6 months it looks like you work once every 6 months.  Keep is current and up to date!  This also applys to Facebook.

Website: Websites are another totally different subject which I will be discussing in the next upcoming weeks. To really begin showcasing what you do a website is a must.  There are some website providers that will let have templates which you can use to create your own website.  The best websites are those that are created around your logo and theme, but they may be pricy.

Business Cards: I never go anywhere without business cards.  You never know when you may run into a old friend or someone you spike up a conversation with in line at a grocery store.  Business Cards get your name out there to many individuals.  In the past I have handed out business cards at events, weddings, at school, to friends, to neighbors, and even to my family.

Pinterest: Pinterest can really let your clients learn more about you and your company.  Pinterest is a great marketing tool especially for photographers, wedding planners, and many craft related businesses.

Associations: joining an association in the field your business is in is a great way to meet others in the same field while still marketing your business.  Many associations have search engines that allow for customers/clients to look through and visit the websites of the members.

Fairs and Speaking Events: Going to fairs and performing speaking events are great ways to market your business. For fairs most of the people attending are looking for someone in that field and thus it is a perfect way to market your business.  The only issue with fairs is that they might be pricy.  Speaking events is another great way to get your name out there whether it be speaking to college classes or other professionals all are great marketing tools.

So I hope this helps you start to market your new business.  If you have any questions feel free to comment and we will answer them.

More next week on starting your own business!


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