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My New Puppy Morgan!

For those of you that know me well you know that I am a HUGE animal lover!

About 10 days ago my family got a cute adorable puppy!  This puppy was a puppy that was found at a fair in West Virginia and the people that had it was feeding her only corn bread and pedialyte. So a lady picked her up and then gave her to us.  The poor puppy was only 5 weeks and wasnt even getting milk which she needs to be a healthy puppy.  Now however, she is about 6 weeks old alomost 7 and has already gained an entire 2 pound in the last 10 days which is a big deal when she only weighs 4 pounds! Anyways I hope you enjoy some photographs of the cute tiny little Morgan!

For those of you think about getting a dog please look at the shelter or see about adopting first. There are so many cute and sweet dags out there that need a good home!

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