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New York, New York

This past weekend I had another ArtsBus trip from GMU to NYC which is always a really good time. Since we have visited a lot of the major monuments and tourist attractions, my friends and I decided to hangout in Times Square and visit Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. I’ve never been before so it was really fascinating to see how realistic the figures are. It gives you a chance to get up close and personal with celebrities and dream about what it might be like to actually meet them. Not only were there movie stars and famous singers, but also a lot many historical figures such as Albert Einstein, Dalai Lama, and U.S Presidents. Here are some of my favorite pictures with the superstars — Enjoy!

(PLEASE excuse the poor quality of the pictures since they were taken on my phone)

My celeb crush, Brad Pitt

Pablo Picasso

Prince William and Kate Middleton



Recreation of Raising the Flag at Ground Zero by Thomas E. Franklin

Spice Girls!

As you can tell I had a lot of fun posing with the statues and I highly recommend visiting. If you can’t make it out to New York there is one in D.C too!  ~Kim

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