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Photographer Time

As you plan your wedding and come up with a detailed schedule of how the day or days will play out there is one thing that many leave out.

When you start planning everything that will happen don’t forget to plan in photography time.  For those that have a bridal party and groomsmen make sure you set aside an hour before the ceremony to take those pictures.  Also, this is a good time for the photographer to get bouquet(s), rings, invitation, shoes, and many more detailed shots.

Then set aside time after the ceremony to take portrait wedding photographs of your family, you and your significant other, and of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Many hold a cocktail hour for an hour or longer before the start of the reception however this differs for different cultures and religions.

If you want lots of pictures with lots of family members and portraits it might be a good idea to expand the time.  You don’t want to rush the photographer because you want to make sure those photographs come out great!

The photographs that are taken during the photography time are going to be the photographs that you might be showing your children or grandchildren later on in life.  Make sure to schedule that time into the busy day so that you don’t leave your wedding without getting a gorgeous couple portrait.

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