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Reveal Thursday: Brent and Gabrielle's Wedding

This wedding is one that was quite personal to me. Gabby and I go all the way back to before kindergarten. We were in girl scouts together until middle school, in classes together in high school (we even passed paper notes in math class), worked in the same shopping center after high school, ran 5K's with each other not too long ago, and lots more! When we get together we talk for hours and our moms well they are the same when they get in the same room. As life goes on people come in and out of your life but Gabby is someone I am lucky to be able to call one of my best friend for over 25 years now.

So when Gabby got engaged I was ecstatic to photograph her wedding. We spend lots of time together making sure every detail was perfect and in the end it really was. She got married at Fawn Lake Country Club which was a gorgeous place for a wedding. So I hope you enjoy her amazing wedding photos!

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