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Reveal Thursday: Gaurav and Kalyani's DC Engagement

This experience was absolutely incredible! I met Gaurav in college during my Delta Sigma Pi day's and he is truly someone that you can talk to for hours. When he approached me about his plan for his engagement I jumped at the opportunity to document the entire day. Gaurav planned this amazing treasure hunt that would lead Kalyani on an adventure throughout DC. It was started with her getting her nails done at a salon with her friend. From there her friend gave it a note that led her across the street to a restaurant for lunch. There the owner of Sona Creamery allowed us to set up secret camera and sneak out of the back exit to capture photos. Lunch was set up special for her to include a note with more clues. The note led her to Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers in Georgetown where another note and a map was waiting for her. She followed the map to a dress shop where a trunk awaited her full of make up, jewelry, and a dress. A car then met her outside the dress shop and took her to the Kennedy Center where at the very top Gaurav was waiting for her on one knee! After he surprised her with dinner where their family was waiting to greet them in Tyson's Corner. The entire day was amazing and we had a lot of fun sneaking around documenting everything while trying our best to not be made. Here are the photos and even a video of the day.

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