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Selecting a Photographer

Selecting the right photographer is one of the many important decisions couples will have to make for their wedding day. You want all the hard work you put into planning your special day to be captured through the pictures. It is important that you hire the best photographer you can find as it is what you will look back to to relive your wedding day. You will also be sharing the pictures with your family and friends for many years to come. The best photographer will highlight the couple’s personality, their wedding theme, will include family members and friends, and make the wedding look even better than they imagined. Of course, you can include family and friends to take additional pictures for your album as a fun way to involve them in your wedding. You might be wondering where should you go to find a great photographer? I suggest you start with your family and friends. Friends and family will usually recommend someone they had a great experience with. If they have the photographers work, it is even better as you will will be able to gather a lot of information without having to go through a consultation.

You can also go online, go to bridal shows, find blogs by photographers highlighting their work, and ask businesses in the wedding industry if the have a photographer they work with. If you decide to ask a business for a recommendation, be sure to ask them what their criteria is in choosing a photographer to work with. I think this gives you a a lot of insight as to why a company may choose to work with a photographer and it allows you to to see if it aligns with what you are looking for. Finding a photographer that matches the style you are looking for takes time but is not impossible. Just keep looking and you will find them in no time. As always, HAPPY PLANNING your special day and we are always here to help when you need it.

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