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Starting Your Own Business:Website Design

Today’s post is all about getting started on building a website.  Again though it is going to be another text heavy blog.

First go to and buy your domain (example-  Do not purchase your domain through another party its best to go to and buy it because then you own it.  If you use one website provider and then decide to change providers you want to be able to keep the same domain name and sometimes they will not let you.

Now you can decide where you would like to have your website hosted.  There are a ton of places like wordpress, google, weebly, etc.  We use wix for our hosting.  Wix provides many templates that you can customize and both HTML and flash based sites.

You should make sure your website is built using HTML because flash cannot be seen on apple mobile products.  If you do decide to build a flash site make sure you have a mobile version available for your customers on apple mobile products.

If you are playing around with templates rearrange things the way you want them to be and there is something you need done and cannot do it then it may be something you can add in the HTML code.  Please note that HTML code is very difficult to understand and google will become you best friend as you try to figure out what to type and where to place it in the code.  If you do not have any experience it might be a good idea to seek out a professional for help.

Once you have a website designed and you want your website to go live make sure you point your domain to your web hosting site and make sure your can add your website domain to the website you created.

That is it in a nut shell how to build you own website.  Now it may seem not that hard but trust me it can take hours deciding what goes where, what pictures to use, and what is being said on different page etc.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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