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We are switching to Pass.  For all of those that do not know what Pass is, it is a new client site that is absolutely stunning.  You can now view your photographs, download all of them of some of them, share them all or just some on facebook, twitter and/or pinterest, and even your friends and family can sign your guest book and order prints for you from your big day.  For all of those that have made the switch to computers or tablets without DVD or USB drives this is an awesome tool.  You can create a app on your phone of your wedding photographs!

Pass is a new program that is currently in Beta which means not all of the functions work quite yet but they will be working very very soon.

Whats in store for PhotoPlanning Services Clients?  All of our wedding clients will now be getting a Pass site for their photographs instead of DVDs. The benefits are that you will now be getting your images weeks faster because you do not have to wait for them to burn on a DVD then wait for them to be shipped to your house.  You can download all of your high resolution files in the same amount of time as downloading from the DVD and sometimes faster.  You can have them all in a app on your phone or tablet without all of the hassle.  You can also post them to facebook without the hours of waiting for them to post. So, I hope you enjoy this new feature and I hope you enjoy Pass!

For the photographers out there reading this blog Pass is something you should think about incorporating into your business.  The presentation is amazing and your clients will love it.  The Pass program is free for one month and $29 for one year.  I highly encourage photographers to check out Pass as I know you will love the program.  Right now to use the beta version you have to be invited to Premiere Pass.  We only have one invite left.  So if you really want to stat using Pass comment on the blog.  First come first serve!

Here are some screen shots of us testing out Pass.

This is what it looks like on your computer.

Here is the app to open and view the photos on a iPhone

This is what the menu looks like on a iPhone or iPad

Here is the app open and as you can see guests can leave a comment in your guestbook.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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