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Team Thursday: Passion for Photography

Todays post is getting personal. When I was three my parent got a new camera and they gave me their old camera. I don’t remember the kind of camera it was but what I did know was that it was amazing! I would take all of my parents 35mm film and then position my stuffed animals and my new puppy Sasha and take tons of photographs (yes that means lots of rolls of film) but it was then that I was hooked. As I got older I bought different 35mm cameras, Polaroids, digital cameras, etc and in high school I had the opportunity to use my grandparents old SLR but also was given my own Canon new SLR. I loved that camera and still have it today. I had the opportunity to learn about being in the dark room at school and learning how to process film and how to turn film into beautiful photographs. Moving onto college I furthered my photography both in the dark room but also moved into the digital realm as well. Back then I knew going out and taking pictures in random places of random things was something I loved to do.

Beyond school I even started working at the photo lab at Target and learned even more about photography from a very different perspective.

When I started at Mason everything changed. I came in as a business major and photography minor. I had always been someone that loved photographing nature and object but I never was a people photographer. I joined Delta Sigma Pi and was named the Pledge Class Historian and from there everything changed. I started photographing people and fell even more in love with photography but it allowed me to go beyond photography but to jump into videography as well. Those couple of years are why PhotoPlanning Services was created and why it exists today! Now I love photographing people, shooting weddings, and creating beautiful memories for everyone I meet.

So that’s my story of how photography and now videography is truly a passion for me!

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