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The New Bag

I recently had my 21st birthday and instead of being fixated on going out and partying, (Outside of going to the casino with my grandma :D) I was way more excited to get new camera gear from my wonderful friends and family. I got both a battery grip and an amazing new camera bag. I’ve had multiple small shoulder bags and they really just don’t cut it when you have more than 2 lenses. After much time researching online and in the store, I finally chose my Vanguard Up-Rise 48.  It has plenty of space for everything I have now and hope to have in the future. It holds a tripod on the side and my laptop in the back and all of my other camera accessories inside the main compartment. The backpack style keeps me from being weighed down on one side and I’m also bumping into a lot less stuff! While it is definitely not the most attractive looking bag, it does all I need to do. And the best part is, it has a side access so I can just whip it around and pull out my camera, without having to set it down and get adjusted. It’s very well made with strong zippers (not just string like some bags) and lightweight. It even has bright orange on the inside to make finding dark equipment much easier. Everyone has different needs, styles and preferences but this one is definitely the perfect fit for me… for now 🙂 

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