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The Must Have Book for Every Wedding Planner! 

Whether you are a professional wedding planning or planning your own wedding, this book needs to be added to your reading list!

I had to buy this book when I took my wedding planning class in college but now I cannot imagine planning any weddings without it.  Even a couple of years into the profession, I am constantly referring back to this book for tips, ideas and to ensure I am covering all aspects in the wedding planning process . Wedding Planning and Management is written by Maggie Daniels and Carrie Loveless. Ms Maggie Daniels is an associate professor and an academic program coordinator for tourism and events management at George Mason University.  Ms. Carrie Loveless is a creative event planner at Carried Away Events. Ms. Daniels  created the wedding planning curriculum at George Mason University in 2005.  The class was so popular it filled up as soon as registration opened. Together, they have created the book which I call the guide to wedding planning. It provides the foundation and the standard for best practices to planning the perfect wedding.  It also includes over 50 case studies and provides planning checklists to guide you through the process. The book is for anyone involved in the wedding planning process from wedding planners, brides, grooms, vendors, consultants and many more.  Rodney Bailey, an award winning photojournalist, also provides over 150 amazing photos to give you a visual of the concepts taught in the chapters. Best of all, the book covers everything you need to know and is written in a very easy to read and understand writing style.  If you are not sure if this book is right for you, read the first chapter which is only 13 pages with pictures. I promise you will be convinced.  As always Happy Planning and with this book it will be a fun one.

Maggie Daniels

Carrie Loveless

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