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We are back!!

In the last couple weeks lots has happened.  I didnt have a computer for a while because my light up apple on the outside of my laptop actually burned through onto my screen.  Weird right?

Before I turned my computer over to Apple I had spent part of a day in Chincoteague, VA.

Wave and a lighthouse

You can’t go to Chincoteague without seeing horses!

While I waited for my computer to be fixed I found out my rabbit  ” The Little Man” Easter had a cancerous tumor which was shorty removed with surgery.  He recently had his stiches taken out and he is doing great!

But as soon as I got my computer back I skipped town and went to Myrtle Beach, SC.

These are photographs of Myrtle Beach from the plane and clouds after I took off from Atlanta, Georgia.

So in the last couple of weeks lots of things have happened but I am glad to be back into the swing of things with a cancer free bunny and a new MacBook Pro screen.

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