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We are back on the blog!

It has been quite a while since the last PPS blog post.  Life has been quite crazy for all of us and we really had to pick and choose what would be accomplished first. Many of you know this but PPS is made up of 3 ladies and all 3 of us currently hold full-time jobs.  We work hard to do both but when things get crazy at our full-time positions we then are left to make drastic adjustments.  This was the case. So we stopped blogging because I was not going to let blogging take time away from my current clients.  Our clients turn into amazing friends and even family and we want to please them in the best possible way and make sure their photos, videos, and/or planning items are finished in a timely manner and that will always be our primary focus. In the future though we are jumping back on the blog so you will be see lots of exciting Tographer Tuesday and Wedding Wednesday tips, some fun Fit and Fab Friday posts, and lots of amazing shoots will be posted for Reveal Thursday. We hope you enjoy reading and seeing what we have been up to! -PPS Team

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