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Wedding Wednesday: Budgeting Series-Prioritize your Budget

One thing I tell all of my clients is that you need to prioritize your budget based on what means the most to you.  When it comes to working with a budget you need to figure out what you want to spend on each part of the wedding and figure out what you can cut corners on and what you want to spend more money.

So for me personally when I get married whenever that may be, I will probably choose to spend more on photography and videography because those mean the most to me and in exchange I am probably going to design my centerpieces myself and cut some costs with those. 

When planning out your budget do look into the typical costs for everything (centerpieces, flowers, officiant, photography, videography, DJ, venue, catering, cake, etc.) discuss with your partner what service or item means the most for you and then start planing for your wedding.  

When you are planning you need to make sure that the vendors can work with your budget but most of all you need to make sure that the vendors you are hiring are trust worthy and have good quality because this will make your overall experience better!

If you have any questions about budgeting, costs, etc. feel free to comment below and we will answer!

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