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Wedding Wednesday: Inspiration Series-The 4 S’s

Today for Wedding Wednesday we are going to talk about the 4 S’s or Setting, Style, Size, and Spending! First up Setting! Setting is very important to a wedding and will determine what type of venue, the style, and possibly the size.  The setting is what you see for your wedding.  Do you see yourself getting married outside or inside? If outside is it in an open field, near water, on the beach, mountains in the background, botanical garden? If inside is it in a barn, restaurant, place of worship, hotel, event hall, a place that looks outdoors, etc.? These are all very good questions to ask yourself! Once you know your setting then you can start working on your style.

Second, Style! Style is going to be how your wedding looks, the colors that are going to be present, the decorations you want present, etc. For style Pinterest and google will be your best friend! Ask yourself, what do you want your wedding to be like? A fall themed wedding, spring themed wedding, ocean themed wedding, summer themed wedding, movie night/red carpet themed wedding, winter wonderland themed wedding, wine themed wedding, light and airy, modern, etc.? Once you know a general theme them think about what colors you want to have present like light pastels, vibrant colors, and then the actual colors your want present. From there think about decoration, do you want candle, flower, feather, or other different centerpieces? Do you want engagement photos displayed throughout your wedding? Do you want different decoration displayed throughout your wedding and what will they be?  All of this goes into the style of your wedding.

Third, Size! Sometimes size may be determined by your venue and family.  If you have a big family them you may have to check with the venues you look at for limitations. Size will always be a family discussion so that you can start making a list of those that will be attending your wedding and those that will not be attending your wedding. Once you know the size of your wedding it will make it much easier to find the venue that best fits you, your ideal setting, and your style.

Last and fourth is Spending! This one is very important. Sit down with one another and go over your finances, talk to your family as well and determine what your minimum (ideal spending budget) is and then your absolute can’t go over maximum budget.  From there you will be able to figure out how to keep you wedding in those parameters and be able to start booking/reserving different things for your wedding day!

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