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Wedding Wednesday: Planners

Todays blog is dedicated to wedding planners. Many couple are looking for wedding planners to either help then take the stress away or because their venue requires it.

Well today we are jumping into the different types of wedding planners!

Day of Planner: this is the most popular type of event planner. Depending on who you have they should meet with you several times before the wedding to make sure the planning process is running smoothly and to make sure they are aware of how the day will run, what decorations will need to be set up and where they will be going and any other small things they should know about. They also should be making sure the vendors arrive on time and everything runs like clockwork. Day of planners will make sure your wedding day runs smoothly.

Partial Wedding Planners: this is where they do all of the above but they assist you throughout the entire wedding planning process. Depending on the planner they might help you with finding vendors, determining decorations, and maybe even assisting with any DIYs (I know we help with DIYs).

Full Wedding Planners: this is when the planner makes most of the decisions when it comes to your wedding. Many times they will give you options to choose from here and there but they will take on the work of planning your wedding to the vision you want for your wedding utilizing your budget.

Now that we have gone through each of the planning options that most including PhotoPlanning Services has to offer we hope you will make the best decision when it comes to your wedding!

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