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Wedding Wednesday: Timeline Series: Build In Breathing Time Before The Start Of The Ceremony

After several months of planning it’s only natural to want to cram as much into your special day as possible but building extra breathing time into your day is vital for an enjoyable, memorable, stress-free wedding. Just getting ready in the morning can seem like a chore so building in a little extra time right before you walk down the aisle will give you a much-needed moment of zen before your day REALLY begins. 

Here’s a quick sample of what your morning may look like before heading towards the alter with a little extra breathing time built in:

9am Designate someone to grab some noms (breakfast or snacks) and coffee or juice and meet with your bridal party to help jump-start your big day!

10am Start helping each other with hair/makeup and keeping the bride calm and happy. My favorite part of getting ready is when the bridesmaids decide to put on some jams. It gives everyone the chance to stop stressing over having the perfect eyeliner and refocus on having fun.

11am The family and bridal party should be almost ready and getting their dresses on. Then it’s the big moment: Bride’s dress on!

12pm You are not done yet. It’s portrait time! Get as many pictures in while you can. This will cut down on photos in the middle of the day as well and give you a chance to be in the spotlight.

Breathing Time

1:30pm Take a final breather and really soak in the moment. You’re getting married to the love of your life!! This is the perfect chance to reflect on your lives together and where they might lead. It’s exciting and nerve-tingling. This moment everything is in place and peaceful so be present in it and enjoy it. This is what you have been preparing for all morning. 

2pm Ceremony begins. It has been a long but stress-free morning so that you may enjoy the remainder of your big day! 🙂

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