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Wedding Wednesday: Timeline Series-Creating a Timeline Part 1

The timeline can be the most important thing of a wedding.  It tells vendors when to arrive, it tells guests when to arrive, it even goes into things like dinner, the first dance, photograph time, and ceremony time. The timeline is a very powerful tool when it comes to planning a wedding. When creating a timeline start with the basics.  When is your ceremony going to be? When is your ceremony going to end?  After you know that everything else will be fit in around it.  After the ceremony end do you want to take family photographs in the church? Do you want to take bride and groom and wedding party photos after the ceremony.  Don’t forget to build in time for those after the ceremony ends.  How long does it take to get from the ceremony site to the reception site?  If there needs to be time built in for that then add that in as well.  Do you want to take portraits and many of the family photos/bridal party photos before the wedding then build in time for those before. How long is it going to take to get ready and go from where you are getting ready to the ceremony site?  Again more time that has to be built in.  These are just some questions to ask yourself when building a timeline. When do you want vendors to arrive?  Add the arrival times of all vendors to your timeline to get a better picture. Once you have the photographs, ceremony, and travel time figured out then organized the events of the wedding such as dinner, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, dancing, best man speech, maid of honor speech, garter/bouquet toss, the grand exit, and any other items important at the reception. In the end it will come together perfectly! Tune in next week on the blog for an example of a timeline.

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