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Wedding Wednesday: Timeline Series-Creating a Timeline Part 2

Today on the blog we will be continuing the discussion on how to create a great timeline for your wedding.  Also, on the blog today will be examples of another weddings timeline.

The best timeline is one that starts from the beginning and plans out the entire day down to when photographs are coming and when vendors will be arriving.  Its a timeline that you can give to vendors so they know what to expect and when to expect things throughout the day.  As mentioned in last weeks blog post (Wedding Wednesday: Timeline Series-Creating a Timeline Part 1) to create a timeline start with what you know (ceremony time, driving time between venues, cocktail hour, etc.) and work from there.  Be sure to talk to vendors as you develop your timeline because they may have different requirements.  For instance it may take your photographer 60 minutes to photograph family and the bridal party instead of 30 or it may even take longer which would push the start time of your reception latter into the day.  Just be sure to get there input when developing the final timeline for everyone.

The best way to develop a timeline is to simply look at the ones below so you can get a picture of what the final product should look like.

If anyone has any questions regarding timelines feel free to leave a comment!

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