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What am I obsessed about?

For those that know me you probably know many of these already.

Blue I absolutely love blue.  If there is a color option for any item I am purchase I probably own it in blue.  Just on my desk I have a blue iPhone cover, a blue iPad cover, blue ear phones, blue cover on my mac book, and even my planner is blue.  To add to it the walls are even blue.


I think I have dolphins everywhere! In my room, in my car, etc.  I have so many dolphins that even my friends in college named my car the dolphin mobile because it is blue and has tons of dolphins all over inside of it.


When it comes to soda I love Cheerwine.  Its a cherry soda that tastes amazing!  If you have not tried it yet you should unless you don’t really like cherry soda.


Maybe its because I am part french or maybe its not but I love all different types of cheese. 

Apple Products

I love apple products!  Most of my electorinic devices are apple and I dont how what I would do with out them.  Two weeks ago I went crazy for the iPhone 5 on the blog and even though I have not received my iPhone 5 yet I will be shortly.  On a side note, I learned not to pre-order your phone from Target because it may take longer to arrive.  Seriously though I do all my editing on a mac in either light room or aperture a apple program.  I carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go and with the new iCloud feature everything connects together and you dont have to do anything! 

Target I love shopping at Target.  While I do still work there on Sundays only I love shopping there!  They have everything you need.  Personally I love shopping for clearance items because you can find either clothes, shoes, frames, food, etc. for a really cheap price.

So here is just a few things I am obsessed about other than photography!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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