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Whats new in the phone world-iPhone 5

So today I have decided to tell all of you what I think are the awesome new features in the new iPhone 5.

First of all I can’t wait for this phone to come out.  I currently own the iPhone 3GS which is a great phone but since it is getting a little old (3 years now) my phone has been having lots of issues lately.  The worst issue is that it vibrates every time you touch it which makes texting or talking on the phone strange. Needless to say I am counting the minutes till I can buy one and switch over to the new iPhone 5.

So here we go what I love about the new iPhone 5:

The body-the new iPhone is now thinner and does not have glass which can break on the back.  The screen is now 4 inch’s in length and weights less then the 4S.  It comes in the traditional black and white as well.

Camera-the camera is still 8 mega pixels however the aperture is as low as a 2.4. What does that mean? basically it allows for more light to come into the camera making your pictures brighter in low light situations. The best thing though in my opinion is the panoramic feature. The new iPhone 5 takes panoramic photos that are 28 mega pixels which is probably my absolute favorite feature about this phone.

Processor-Apple will be using the A6 in the phone which means it will run faster!

Video-The back will have a 1080p video camera and the front will have 720p for FaceTime.  The best new feature are the face detection and stabilization.

Graphics and GPS-Apple now has 3D graphics on the phone and turn by turn directions.  The GPS also integrates Siri.  This is a great new function especially since you should not be trying to drive and figure out what address to type in the GPS.

Football and Sports-This may be something I am not going to use but I know others probably will love this feature.  Siri can now give you sports updates and current scores. Then there is a new fantasy football app for those that like fantasy football.

Passbook-Instead of carrying around tons of gift cards, tons of store discount cards, air plane tickets, movie tickets, etc. and having to try and fit them all into 1 wallets or try not to loose them around the house you can now store them all in Passbook.  I think this is going to be a awesome feature because now I don’t have to worry about carrying so many cards or loosing my boarding pass in the airport.

So what are your favorite new features coming out in the iPhone 5? Post comments below!

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