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Why should I think about having a photo booth at my wedding?

You may have gone to a bridal show or seen vendors that offer photo booths.  Now you are wondering why should I have a photo booth at my wedding or event.  What’s the point? Photo booths are made to be more for your guests.  Guests get to dress up and make funny poses and you get the photographs.  For those that do video it allows your guests to also leave you fun messages to go along with those funny photo booth photographs.

Now for some information on photo booths!  There are two different types there are those that are a booth and hold around 2 people and the pictures print out right there.  The other is what many call a studio format, meaning the photographer sets up a backdrop and brings in professional lighting.  These typically can hold a large group of guests however the photographer may not have the ability to print them out right then and there, but most photographers have a client site or Facebook page where the photo booth photographs will be posted to.

The video option, many do not offer this but those that do videography and photo booths or have a camera which does both may offer this option.  The video option is lots of fun and your get kind and silly messages left to you that may make you laugh later.

So, if you are on the thinking about having a photo booth look at the many different options and go through with having one at your wedding.  Your guests will love it!

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