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Fit and Fab Friday: Asparagus Soup

I’m one of those weirdos that has always loved their veggies so when I ran across this soup recipe I was instantly in love. It’s soup-er (ha!) easy to make as well! 

Start with a broth, cook your veggies, puree it all together, and add some creaminess. It’s not overly creamy and the leeks (another of my favs) keep it light and perfect. This soup is actually pretty healthy on its own, but I’m going to share with you a few variations not only to make it even healthier and have some fun with it too!

1) Instead of store bought chicken broth opt for a low-sodium version, veggie broth, or even a home-made broth if you are really ambitious. 😉 2) In place of butter you can always use olive oil or any other light cooking oils. 3) Heavy cream is probably the worst thing in this recipe (which isn’t saying much since it’s such a low dose). Switch it up with some lighter milk products; 2%, 1% or skim. 4) Parmesan cheese. I can honestly say that I have not used cheese with this soup but I would never suggest such a thing to you!

Some other fun ways to enjoy your soup: hot, cold, extra creamy, less creamy, add some yogurt, insert an over-sized crouton (or small ones) or even make it with another veggie! I’ve done the same concept with broccoli and it was equally as yummy.

What other veggies do you think would work well as this soup?


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