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Fit and Fab Friday: Simple Sugars Scrubs

Fit and Fab Friday will not only be about fitness, inspiration, and recipes but also about fabulous products that we have found and love and many other things to make you feel and be fabulous and healthy.

For all of those brides-to-be and every other woman out there on today’s blog is a product that you will all fall in love with.  Simple Sugars is a company that makes all natural scrubs and once you try them you will end up using them like crazy.  

They truly will soften your skin and make it feel incredible while at the same time taking that icky dead skin off. They come in many amazing scents and even come in a version for men too. To check out the products go to these things are incredible and what is even more incredible is the girl who created this product.  She just graduated from high school which goes to show that if you put your mind and heart to it you can accomplish big things. Please note that this post is not endorsed by Simple Sugars and is PhotoPlanning Services honest opinion. Also, I highly recommend the Strawberry Scrub because it smalls so amazing! 

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