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Together Tuesday: Equipment Series-Best Starting Equipment (Videography)

Today on the blog we will be talking about the best starting equipment for videographers. While this post builds off of the previous post where you will need DSLR and lens, you need to make sure your DSLR has a automatic tracking focus. This will be your saving grace when filming and trying to remain in focus with the same subject. Other then this you will need at least a shot gun microphone (I highly recommend Rode), and a tripod/monopod (Sunpak makes a great tripod/monopod combo). These will be what you need at a minimum to do any sort of videography.

Now before going out and shooting a wedding you may first want to practice having a steady hand and of course you will need multiple angles therefore multiple cameras. Gopro's are always good to have on hand to be able to record different angles and then having a tripod wheel dolly is also amazing to have on hand to be able to roll your camera around.

Lastly, you are going to need some sort of LED that you can attach to your camera. Do NOT use a ring LED (attaches to the lens) as these sometimes create a white ring in your video.

With these items you can start to dabble in videography. Please note though that videography is very different then photography and even though it uses the same DSLR and lens video is continuous and thus every little movement or sound will be picked up. Editing video is also very different so before taking on clients learn how video works and how to edit it.

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