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Tographer Tuesday: Camera Series-Aperture Depth of Field

Today’s blog post is all about depth of field which is also related to aperture. Last week we learned that f/1.2 lets more light in and f/32 lets less light in.  Well with regards to depth of field or whats in focus aperture plays a big role.  At f/1.2 the background will be completely blurred and even the entire object you are photographing may not be in focus.  While at f/32 the background will be very sharp and everything will be in detail.  Then in the middle most will be sharp but there will be a point where the background will be blurred.

See some examples below on depth of field:

This photograph is taken using a lower aperture then the photograph above

This photograph uses a lower aperture than the photograph below as you can see the background in more out of focus while the statue is in focus below.

This photograph uses a high aperture to capture the Great Fall behind the couple while the photograph below uses a lower aperture to focus more on the couple instead of the background.

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